i*CATch: A Scalable, Plug-n-Play Wearable Computing Framework for Novices and Children


i*CATch is wearable computing framework developed specially for children and novices to the field. The i*CATch framework is based upon a bus-based architecture, and is more scalable than the current alternatives. It consists of a set of plug-and-play components, a construction platform with a standardized interface, and an easy-to-use hybrid text-graphical integrated development.



Figure 1. Diagrammatic representation of i*CATch bus.


Figure 2. The i*CATch IDE, with a program in the hybrid text-graphical programming language shown. The user has the option of viewing his code in C or in Python, and can switch to textual programming as desired.


Figure 3. The i*CATch main board.


Figure 4. Making the i*CATch bus and interface. (Left) insulating two conductive strips from each other with close-weave polyester, (middle) folding the conductive strip to make a tab, two other tabs already have fasteners attached; (right) an i*CATch interface socket.


Figure 5. An advanced project demonstrating the flexibility of the i*CATch platform: two touch-sensor-embedded gunmen (circled in red) fire at each other; LEDs along the arms (circled in blue) flash on to indicate the trajectory of the bullet.